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PENTA locking plate (Large fragment)

PENTA locking plate (Large fragment)

PENTA locking plate (Large fragment)

Mono-axial and polyaxial locking plates for osteotomies, pseudarthroses and for the treatment of fractures of the proximal humerus


  • Dislocated and unstable fractures of the capitellum
    •  2-, 3- and 4-fragment fractures
    •  Reconstructible calotte fractures
    •  Pathological fractures
  • Long proximal humerus fractures
  • Pseudarthroses
  • Osteotomies 


  • Anatomically preformed plate design, applicable for right and left
  • High primary stability due to locking cortical screws Ø 4.5 mm and cancellous screws Ø 5.5 mm
  • No exposure of the fragments necessary
  • Indirect reposition
  • Low dislocation rate under an unlimited active after treatment